Investment Incentive Services

Investment Incentive Services

Both foreign and local investors intending to invest in Turkey will be given the chance to beneit from the investment incentives including tax discounts, allocation of investment lands, insurance premiums, and employer’s share support.

The investment incentives scheme is specifically designed to encourage investments with the potential to reduce dependency on the importation of intermediate goods vital to the country’s strategic sectors.

The primary objectives of the investment incentives scheme include: reduce the current account deficit; boost investment support for underdeveloped regions; increase the level of support instruments; promote clustering activities; and support investments that will create the transfer of technology.

Efective as of January 1, 2012, the investment incentives system is composed of three diferent schemes. Local and foreign investors have equal access to:

I. General Investment Incentives Scheme

II. Regional Investment Incentives Scheme (Including Priority
Investment Incentives)

III. Strategic Investment Incentives Scheme

The support instruments to be provided within the framework of the various investment incentives schemes are shown in the following table:

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